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Why Boeing kept Iran dealings under the radar


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By Saam Borhani, Esq.
Barely a week after the Jan. 16 lifting of nuclear-related sanctions on Iran, Tehran hosted its first international business summit in years. The event, sponsored by the Centre for Aviation […]

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Gazprom field hit by new US sectoral sanctions on Russia.

Last week saw further activity expanding US sectoral sanctions against Russian industry. The sanctions against Russia, developed as a reaction to the invasion of Crimea, differ from other American sanctions in that they target specific sectors of […]

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Snapback and grandfathering old contracts. Treasury’s view of the issue made clear.

Much debate on the Iran Deal has centered around the utility of the “snapback” of sanctions in case Iran cheats. There is language in the JCPOA (Paragraph 37)  that has led some to believe that […]